05 May, 2012

Cute Kids / Niños Bonitos

Yesterday was a kind of 'holiday catch up day' at the local primary/secondary school that I have adopted (or have they adopted me?). Instead of taking separate days off school for each of the recent holidays they decided to roll them all into one big celebratory extravaganza.

For Language Day (in the UK known as Shakespeare's Birthday) there were special mentions and prizes (flag medals) for the children who had "excelled in their English or Spanish studies" (guess who I cheered the loudest for). No less than three special anthems were sung: the National Anthem (I think I can sing it better than the UK's one now that I've heard it so often), the local anthem for Bogotá (which I'm ashamed to say I had no idea existed, despite every Colombian city having one. Do we have any Urban Anthems in the UK?), and the school's own hymn ("We are young people who love Colombia, we will construct the future of our homeland walking on the paths of...?" - I couldn't catch the rest).

But then came the real celebration. Every Wednesday afternoon they have a class called "ludicas" in which they study drama, music, and English in groups of interest rather than age or grade. For the past few weeks these groups had been preparing a variety of skits, poems, and musical numbers for the grand recital.

I present to you, in their international debut, the English Theatre Group in "Three Dogs and a Cat"
Totally awesome! (I might be biased)

And the Spanish Theatre Group parodying El Chavo brilliantly:

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