16 May, 2012

How I feel in Bogotá / Como me siento en Bogotá

Sitting in a cafe in the north of Bogotá, with a magazine in my lap and the sun shining down, it's very easy to forget I'm sitting half way up a mountain, half way across the world from where I was born.

But then I notice the huge umbrellas permanently fixed above the patio because it is going to rain later, no matter how sunny it is now. I notice the cup in front of me lacks a green mermaid and instead has a yellow donkey. I realise that the National Geographic I'm holding is in Spanish, as is the conversation one table over that I've been eavesdropping on.

And I do this:
I tend not to document it when I grin like a fool, so this photo will have to do

Just in case anyone seriously thought I'd be coming back to London in June... Don't hold your breath. I'm having far too much fun over here ;)


  1. Yay, keep enjoying it!!

    p.s If this is how you're informing your family that you're not coming home for a while, that is such bad form... but also so 2012!

  2. But you'll still visit occasionally, right? Come and see our famous financial ruins!