19 March, 2012

The National Anthem / El Himno Nacional

At the weekend I had the honour and the pleasure of going to a Taekwon-do tournament (pictures and videos to follow) with a friend who was competing. As part of the inauguration ceremony they sung their national anthem. This is a big part of daily life here, as every day at 6 o'clock (both of them!) the anthem is played on all radio and TV channels. This prompts 'Oh, is it 6 already?' conversations from everyone, everywhere. The first time it happens it's a little eery to have everyone suddenly say the same thing at the same time. The second time it's amusing ('They still haven't worked out that this happens everyday and I'm the tourist?!'), and by the fourth or fifth you start joining in :D

(Missing the first rendition of the chorus as I really wasn't expecting it)

For the full lyrics in both Spanish and English, I refer you to (where else) Wikipedia. Colombians really don't need to click that link because, as you can hear in the video, everyone knows the words. It really puts the English to shame - not even our national squad can get through our first verse with confidence. So instead, I leave you with, not only the best version of our national anthem ever, but the only one we don't have to sing along to: God Save The Queen.

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  1. God save our gracious Queenie...:-)