08 March, 2012

International Women's Day / El Día de la Mujer

International Women's Day is not something that is really celebrated in the UK, which is a terrible shame. After all, any excuse for cake should be a welcome one, right?

Cake, gifts, and fizzy drinks!

There are two alleged origins of this day, but according to the UN it's a Socialist/Soviet thing, designed to celebrate the important roles women have played throughout history. According to Wikipedia (and therefore 100% true) the other story (about commemorating a French women's protest being 'dispersed' by the Police in a rather unpleasant way) came about in order to distance the holiday from it's Soviet origins. Gringos, eh? ;)

The assembled teachers and guest (the back row are on tiptoes trying not to look short)

Either way, in Colombia it's a day of cute gifts and cards for women, and cake for everyone. 

Chocolate covered hazelnuts and a beautiful card

Of course, there are plenty of annoying/rude Colombians here, but not one day has gone by in this country that I haven't been surprised at just how lovely the majority are. These pictures are of a small celebration held at a local primary/secondary school. I've only met half the people in these pictures a couple of times, and the rest I met today. Nevertheless, they invited me into their school, gave me cake, presents and a card, and generally made me feel really welcome. They even spelled my name right. Thank you.

(loose translation below)
"On International Women's Day we want to greet you with a big hug and recognise in you all of the women that contribute to the bettering of our country with their work everyday. 
We know what a difficult task the women have: to take on so many roles and to try so hard to satisfy everyone. But we also know the infinite amount of love that you put into everything that you accomplish. And for this what you do is even more important. 

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