12 September, 2012

The Village / El Pueblo

Although Bogotá is Colombia's largest city (only half a million people less than London) sometimes it feels like a village in the middle of nowhere.

 For instance, would you really expect to find forested mountains less than 5 minutes away from the town centre (equivalent to Tottenham Court Road)?

Or see horse drawn carts that aren't for tourists, instead being used to transport (literally) all kinds of things? (No photo :( Apparently one of the things they transport is stolen goods so none of my friends have let me get my camera out near the zorros.)

 Or be entertained by chickens while you wait for your bus to work? (Or walk past cows on your way to the shops?)

Or have there be only one place in town where you can buy what you need? (OK, that's exaggerating. You can find things outside of their allotted district, but you'll never get the best price unless you go to the one shop street that sells it.)

Or see an entire roast pig on a regular basis? (My view of the countryside might not be entirely accurate, but I imagine people eat entire pigs quite often :D ) 
More big cities should do this, lechona is fantastic.

And I'm sure Bogotá is the last place on earth where there is always a gentleman offering his hand to you as you get off a bus (even at 6am). I can't imagine that happening in NY or London!

Strangely, I noticed this similarity while in a lift to the 27th floor. The view when I arrived was this:

I guess Bogotá is a big city after all... 


  1. Zoe, thanks. El mundo es un pañuelo :)

    1. Another reason it's like a village - everyone is connected to everyone else! :)

  2. I bet we passed by each other in London, like in a Woody Allen movie.

  3. Hey!
    How long have you lived in Bogota?
    Moving there myself in only 3 weeks, super excited=)

    1. Hi Nadia!
      I've been here since the end of January - almost nine months! Wow... be careful - time flies here! :D How long are you planning to stay for? And what do you want to do?
      Find me on 'el face' and maybe we can meet for a coffee when you arrive :)

    2. Hi!
      Thats a long time, do you like it? For how long will you stay?
      Well, I was traveling SA for a year and met a colombian so now I'm going back to be with him, get a job etc=) Think i founf you on fb. Yea would be fun to meet up when i get there=)

      my blogg http://cirkuslivcolomia.blogspot.se/

  4. Love this, love the chickens! We need to get you a long lens so you can pap the zorros from a safe distance!