14 March, 2012

The Weather / El Clima

Would you take an umbrella when you leave the house on a day like this?

If you answered 'No,' you'd get wet. Very wet. When it rains in Bogotá it does so with latin passion. 

A video of heavy rain for anyone unfamiliar with the concept.
Taken in the Casa de Monedas (the old mint).

Having come from London in January, I'm still laughing quietly at the way Colombians refer to Bogotá as  tierra fria, or ' the cold lands.' However, the weather here is enjoyable for the Brits not just because of its comparative mildness. As a nation we are fairly obsessed with discussing (and, apparently, blogging about) the weather, despite the fact that it's really rather boring when you get down to it. We have many months of cold, grey skies, followed by a short burst of industrious complaining about the heat. Yes, sometimes its windy, sometimes its rainy, and sometimes its both, but that's about it, without variation, for weeks at a time. Even the proverbs attest to this (March winds and April showers bring forth the May flowers - in three months the weather only changes twice!).

Bogotá, on the other hand, provides a full year's worth of British weather in a single day. In the morning it is freezing and dark (people wake up too early in this country), which gives way to beautiful sunny skies in time to eat lunch next to an open window to let the breeze in and admire the flowers. This, in turn, becomes a torrential downpour which lets you know that its about 3 o'clock, which stops before the sunset so everyone can get home safely/to the party without ruining your hair.

This means that every time you discuss the weather it's a different topic! No more whole months going by discussing the same drizzle with everyone you meet! It's fantastic!

If only the Colombians felt the same way about discussing the weather as we Brits I do...

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