17 February, 2012

The Flag / La Bandera

One of the things that I love about the UK is the dear old Union Flag. It is, we like to think, instantly recognisable all over the world (although we don't like to admit why - colonialism and the Beckhams). In its natural state it's perfect for waving at royal weddings and decorating all kinds of tea-related merchandising:

However, on other occasions the flag can change its colours, but, as it has a unique geometry, it still remains inherently British and instantly recognisable (photos borrowed from google images):

Gay Pride:

Green Britain:

Quilt (want!):
(Photo borrowed from The After Craft)

I love the Colombian flag because it is the exact opposite. A simple three bands of colours, the most complicated part of the design is remembering that the yellow one is wider than the other two:

This opens up a world of different possibilities. No longer is your patriotism confined to mundane, flag-shaped objects. Instead you can decorate anything of any shape or form in these three colours, and everyone will know where your heart lies:

The ubiquitous manilla (bracelet):

The traditional ruana (poncho):


Military insignia (airforce):

Local products:

The obligatory tourist tat:

Traditional mochila:

Shops, cafes, banks, and all other kinds of public places:

Even the wildlife wear their national colours!

 So, I hope by now you have all come to the same conclusion I have, there really is only one thing left to paint in the colours of the Colombian flag...

The British one:
 (First photo I took in Colombia, before I'd even got to the immigration queue)

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  1. hahahaha i really enjoy this !!!! i really miss you Zoe!!! i hope you are happy there in Colombia "La vida es un suspiro.., so VIVE"! te quiero mucho!Sinceramente y siempre!, tu estudiante en Mayfair School of English Gaba!!!