08 February, 2012

Chill / Fresca

An example of how relaxed people can be here:

Lovely Colombian Friend (taking me to lunch with her family): I have early classes tomorrow so I want to leave early. Maybe 3 or 4pm? Is that ok?

LCF (at 6pm): I reckon we should go soon. Half past 6 ok with you?

LCF's Aunt (at 6:30pm, who is going home the same way as us): Just five minutes, then I'll be ready to leave, ok?
(LCF's A then proceeds to wax the eyebrows of the other two Aunts present, this takes half an hour)

LCF (on the way home) Ooh - the empanadas are really good here, do you want one? It'll only be five minutes...

LCF (on nearing home at approximately 10pm) You know what, tomorrow's Monday. They hardly ever teach us anything important on Mondays so I won't go. Let's have a beer!

As they say in Spanish: "se me pegó el colombiano," "the Colombian-ness has stuck to me."
I'll get around to more blog posts soon, maybe in five minutes. Ok with you? :D

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