04 January, 2012

Summary / Resumen

2011 was an... interesting year. This blog is about going to Bogotá in 2012, and part of that is saying goodbye to London in 2011. 

January proved that there is indeed a silver lining in every cloud if you look hard enough. Because I was unemployed I was able to spend as much time as I wanted crafting. I knitted, weaved, cooked and sewed to my hearts content, including a purple skirt which I wore in...

February to a job interview, in a wonderful school where the students pay enough money that they actually listen to you (with the exception, of course, of the teenagers who get their parents to pay for them :D ) and where the teachers get paid a nice amount too.

In March I discovered that I look damn fine in skinny jeans, and have been wearing them ever since. I also got to eat at Nobu London, one of the best restaurants in the world, an experience that I will never forget (I sat two tables away from where Juanes had sat!).

April showers. I feel that "April pisses" would be far more appropriate. Nevertheless, when one door opens, another one closes, especially when you're the metaphorical doorman. I grew up a lot in April, and came a lot closer to working out what I really want from life.

May required some interior decorating as I was moving house, so I completed my first quilt. The matching pillow cases have French seams, just because it made me smile (for anyone who doesn't understand that term, just say 'wow,' nod appreciatively, then check this link).

June's summer holiday was a weekend in Wales. Apparently I once accidentally visited it as a child (wrong turning on a motorway), but since I had taken up knitting I wanted to visit properly to see sheep. I got rained on, I couldn't find a B&B in Cardiff as there was a big event on, when I did find somewhere to stay it was self catering (ie I had to go out in the rain again to get some food)... Is it despite or because of all this that I had an absolutely wonderful time? PS: I saw sheep :)

July was another sewing-filled month. I tried my hand at paper piecing on a cushion and mug rug, AND made a bag and skirt. I also conquered my fear of low level one-to-one classes with a smuggling Spanish grandfather.

August saw more of the old (more skirts) and a lot of new - cooking latkes (thanks Mum!) and having asados, getting my first visa, getting the crackle nail varnish *just* before everyone else in the UK (thanks Mum!).

In September I went to RUSSIA! The largest country in Europe! One amazing week split between St Petersburg and Moscow. Sadly I didn't meet the people (ex-students) that I had hoped, but I still enjoyed every moment and learnt a *lot* about Russian history. I spoke (and read) Russian - my 8th language and fourth alphabet!

October was unseasonably warm and I took full advantage of this. Picnics, walks in the park, and riding bicycles! Although I'd spent a couple of hours on a bike as a teen, I'd never really ridden one properly before. I went on roads and everything :D

November was quiet on the crafty front, but busy at work. By this point I'd been in full time employment and in full time IELTS. I was the person to go to for students and staff alike who wanted information about the exam. I think I even gave them the right answers :D A colleague who works for the exam board marked one of my practice essays and I got a 9 (out of 9). Take that, GCSEs!

December gave me the opportunity to achieve another sporting dream: ice-skating! Several laps around the Tower of London rink without falling over OR holding onto anything! Confession: I did fall over once, towards the end, when I decided I wanted to try speed skating. Maybe I should save that for next year? :D


  1. Wow 2011 was a lovely year for you with lots of positives! When do you head to Bogota?

    I have to say that "March" was my favourite- looking good in skinny jeans would definitely make my positive list as well.

    Good luck with simplifying your life in 2012...although you have quite a few adventures ahead of you it sounds like you are moving on to do things you really love {travel, teach, and of course more crafting no doubt!}

  2. Oh i love this post! it made me smile, the way you write is very entertaining!

  3. Love it all! I love Cardiff and latkes (and am very jealous of your Russia trip as it is in my top 5 wish list for life. I look froward to reading more of your updates - can't wait to read about your year ahead.

    deb @ home life simplified

  4. I have a stockpile of things I need/want to sew but haven't been making the time for. Great list and great adventures.